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Learning How To Play Golf.

Anyone who is considering golf training will be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to learn how to play the game. Every way from the golf course to the internet, the video store and even the classroom will prove to be beneficial for those wanting to learn how to play the great game of golf. Prices will vary depending on the type of training method that is chosen, but can often be quite affordable. This is especially true of those who opt for learning at home through the use of videos or internet lessons. A professional golf trainer, however, will likely be the most expensive way to learn but will provide a hands-on experience that none of the aforementioned options can.

If you choose to hire a golf instructor, you will probably want to hire someone who has a lot of experience in either teaching or playing golf. Or, if possible, find someone who has done both. During this training, you will begin to learn the various names for clubs and how each one is used. In the beginning, golf may seem intimidating because of the number of clubs and situations that determine each one’s use. But, after a few lessons, you will be more familiar with the game and how to play it. Patience is the key to learning anything new and golf is no different.


Most poor shots are a result of an improper set-up. That could be due to a bad grip, bad posture and/or ball position or alignment. It is often said that the set-up is a good 80% of the golf swing. What follows are small lessons concentrating on the 'Fundamentals of Golf; The Grip, Posture, Ball Position and Alignment. We hope that you find these sections helpful and successful in improving your golf game.

Here are some of 'fundamentals of golf':


The thought you should have is one of a railroad track. Your feet, hips and shoulders should all be square and parallel to the target line. If you're going to change something for the purpose of shaping a shot, remember that the railroad track stays the same, your feet, hips and shoulders still have to remain parallel to each other whether you're set-up open or closed to the target. If one is off slightly it could make a very big difference in where your ball lands up.

Ball Position: